Energy Efficient Window Covering Top Down Bottom Up Light Filtering Honeycomb Shades in Dining Room

Consideration When Buying Honeycomb Shades

Here are a few options and questions that will be covered during your honeycomb purchasing process.  Having the opportunity to consider these options prior to your design consultation will help you confidently make selections for shades that are sure to look beautiful and function properly for years to come.

What is a Honeycomb Shade? 

  • A honeycomb shade, also known as a cellular shade, is a type of window covering featuring a unique cellular design resembling a honeycomb when viewed from the side. It consists of multiple layers of fabric joined together to form hexagonal cells that trap air, providing insulation and energy efficiency for the room. 

What Cell Size is Best?

  • There is a range of cell sizes to choose from with the ¾” cell being our best seller.
  • A Larger 2” cell size is now available which is starting to gain momentum by providing a clean modern look..
  • You can opt for a double cell shade instead of a single cell shade. Double cells provide better insulation and light filtration, however they do require a smaller cell size.

Honeycomb cell sizes

Which Fabric to Choose: Light Filtering or Room Darkening?

  • Light filtering fabrics will let passive light filter through the shade. We highly recommend using light filtering shades as the default opacity wherever room darkening is not required. 
  • Light filtering fabrics are effective for areas requiring privacy like bathrooms and closets. Giving these areas both light and privacy.
  • Room darkening shades are made from fabrics that are classified as  blackout fabrics. 
  • No light will pass through the shade fabric itself. We avoid the word blackout as the shade will have gaps around the edges and will not provide a true blackout experience. If this is required, we have other solutions that will better meet your needs. 

Light filtering honeycomb shades

Room darkening or blackout honeycomb shades

What does Top Down Bottom Up Mean?

  • Top Down Bottom Up shades offer the unique ability to add both privacy and light control within the same shade.
  • This feature adds an additional moving rail at the top of the shade and allows the fabric to lower toward the window sill. Creating an unobstructed view of the upper section of a window. 
  • Top Down Bottom Up shades solve the “all covered or completely open” functionality problem that most shades have. You can move either the top rail down or the bottom rail up to see out the window.
  • We really encourage our customers to consider adding the Top Down Bottom Up option to room darkening bedroom windows.

Top Down Bottom Up honeycomb shades

Which is the best way to operate my shades?

  • There are three main control options available. Cordless, Continuous Cord Loop and Motorization.
  • Cordless control is most applicable on windows with easy access. You can easily lift or lower the shade by pulling down or pushing up on the shades handles.
  • Continuous cords are used for windows that are partially inaccessible. Simply pull down on either side of a cord loop that is attached to the wall for child safety.
  • For ultimate convenience, fully motorized options are available. Operate your shades with the push of a button, or better yet ask Alexa or Google Assistant to do it for you. 

Cordless Lift Honeycomb Shades

Continous Cord Honeycomb Shades

Motorized Honeycomb shades

What are Hybrid Pleat Shades?

  • Hybrid pleat shades by Alta are window treatments that combine the functionality of a cellular shade with the aesthetics of a roman shade.
  • With thier 2″ cell size, this hybrid design offers both insulation benefits and a contemporary appearance.
  • Significantly less expensive than roman shades.

Hybrid Pleat Shades in bedroom setting

Are there any Energy Tax Credits Available?

    • Select Alta fabrics qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Rebate up to $1200.00.
    • To qualify, a home must be your primary residence, have double pane glass windows, and be mounted inside the window opening.
    • Click here for more details.
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