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Gray Rollershades with Black Top Treatment in a Great Room

Utah’s Guide to Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments

Sliding glass doors bring both convenience and abundant natural light into your space, but selecting the perfect window treatments can be pretty chall...

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White Hidden Tilt shutters in a Dining and Living area

Elevate Your Space: A Guide to Window Coverings

Introduction: Window coverings play a pivotal role, when it comes to home decor, in transforming a room's ambiance, enhancing privacy, and regulating...

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Adjusting blinds with slats up to let light in.

Adjusting Blinds to Fit your Needs

IS IT BEST TO ADJUST YOUR BLINDS WITH THE SLATS FACING UP OR DOWN? Blinds are not just a simple way to finish off the design in your home, th...

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side by side blinds comparing inside versus outside installation

Installation: Inside Mount vs Outside Mount

When it comes to installing blinds, shutters or shades you have two mount options to choose from: inside mount and outside mount.  This choice will n...

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Energy Efficient Window Covering Top Down Bottom Up Light Filtering Honeycomb Shades in Dining Room

Insulating Window Treatments for those HOT summer months in Utah

There are several ways to save money and resources by updating the window openings in your home. Installing the latest energy efficient windows is one...

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2" faux wood blinds in a hall.

Cleaning Tips for Blinds & Shades

With spring right around the corner - you may be realizing that your blinds could use a little TLC.  Window treatments need occasional maintenance to...

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