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Norman Roller Shade Light Filtering

Considerations When Buying Roller Shades

Here are a few options and questions that will be considered when buying roller shades.  Having the opportunity to consider these options prior to yo...

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Banded rollershades in a living room area with couch

Zebra Shades, Banded Shades, Dual Shades

What are Zebra Shades - Banded Shades? If you're torn between roller shades and horizontal blinds then Dual shades, or Zebra shades, are a trending m...

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room darkening rollershades with black top treatment in a bedroom

Utah’s Choice for Room Darkening Roller Shades: A Guide to Light Control and Privacy

Upgrading your living space with the right window treatments goes beyond just looks. It's about enhancing the functionality, privacy and light control...

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Gray Rollershades with Black Top Treatment in a Great Room

Utah’s Guide to Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments

Sliding glass doors bring both convenience and abundant natural light into your space, but selecting the perfect window treatments can be pretty chall...

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Tan colored Motorized rollershades in a sitting room

Motorized Window Treatments

Are you tired of the hassle of constantly having to manually adjust your window treatments?  Upgrade your home with Alta Window Fashions cutting-edge...

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Solar Shades in Park City

The Psychology of Window Coverings: Creating the Perfect Ambiance

When you’re designing your home or work space you need to carefully consider various elements.  Each of these elements will contribute to the overa...

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White Hidden Tilt shutters in a Dining and Living area

Elevate Your Space: A Guide to Window Coverings

Introduction: Window coverings play a pivotal role, when it comes to home decor, in transforming a room's ambiance, enhancing privacy, and regulating...

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Room Darkening Roller Shades over sliding door in great room

Blind Spot: Your Ultimate Destination for Roller Shades in Utah

When it comes time to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your living space, roller shades are an excellent choice. These versatile window cov...

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white light filtering rollershades with black top treatment in a living area with vaulted ceilings

Motorized Roller Shades: Battery Pack vs Rechargeable Motors

MOTORIZED ROLLER-SHADES Motorized shades make controlling the light in your home a breeze with just a push of a button.  Click here to see a wall of...

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side by side blinds comparing inside versus outside installation

Installation: Inside Mount vs Outside Mount

When it comes to installing blinds, shutters or shades you have two mount options to choose from: inside mount and outside mount.  This choice will n...

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