Hidden Tilt Composite Shutters

Considerations When Buying Shutters

Here are a few options and questions that will be covered during your shutter purchasing process.  Having the opportunity to consider these options prior to your design consultation will help you confidently make selections for shutters that are sure to look beautiful and function properly for years to come.

Which Material is Best, Wood or Composite?

  • Composite shutters are more durable and withstand daily wear and tear better.
  • Wood shutters are the best option for a stained wood look.
  • With their smooth surface, composite shutters are easier to clean and maintain.
  • Composite shutters from the Blind Spot come with an unbeatable lifetime warranty against yellowing, cracking, and warping.
  • Painted wood is susceptible to cracking and peeling, especially in high moisture areas.

Hidden Tilt Shutters in a bedroom

Shutter with standard tilt rod or center tilt rod

What Tilt Type Is Best, Standart Tilt or Hidden Tilt?

  • Choose between  Hidden Tilt (No visible Tilt Bar) and Standard Tilt (Center Rod)
  • Hidden Tilt has a  modern look, and works better with gridded windows.
  • Standard Tilt is perfect if you prefer a traditional look.
  • It all comes down to personal preference but Hidden Tilt is our most popular selection.

Hidden Tilt Composite Shutters with Split Tilt

What Does Split Tilt Louvers Mean?

  • Divides the tilting operation of the shutter louvers into upper and lower sections.
  • You can choose to split the louvers at any position, however the most common split locations are ⅔ of the way up the window opening or halfway.
  • Ideal for privacy. Great for Bathrooms and Master Suites. NO EXTRA COST
  • Hides seamlessly with the hidden tilt feature since there’s no visible break.
  • A split tilt is more noticeable with the standard tilt bar due to the visible space between the top and bottom tilt bar.

Which Louver Size to Choose?

  • Choose from 2.5”, 3”, 3.5” or 4.5”
  • The 4.5” louver is our most popular louver size.
  • Larger louvers are spaced further apart, making cleaning easier and gives you a more expansive view.
  • Smaller slats offer a more traditional appearance, and are typically used on smaller windows.

Norman Shutters Logo

Why Norman Shutters?

  • Warranties backed by Norman, the world’s largest shutter manufacturer.
  • Leads the industry in quality and innovation.
  • Patented Hidden Tilt system.
  • Unique polypropylene coated composite with a full lifetime warranty.


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