SmartDrape™ on Large Sliding Glass Door

Experience the Innovative Design of Norman SmartDrape™

Soft as drapery and architecturally delicate, Norman’s SmartDrape™ revolutionizes the world of window treatments. Its undulating sheer vane construction not only adds style but also offers versatility, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. Let’s explore the elegance and functionality that SmartDrape™ brings to your home.

Elegance Meets Functionality

Window coverings for large windows smartdrape

SmartDrape™ boasts an award-winning design that mirrors the soft folds of drapery, providing privacy and light control in equal measure.  The unique individual vane construction allows you to experience one of its two built-in opacities. Set your shades to “open” for a view of the sheer side with patterns like circles and teardrops, offering clarity of the outside world and enhanced illumination. Rotate the shades to “closed” to activate light filtering or room darkening capabilities, all while having the flexibility to walk through the vanes as needed.

You Are in Control

With SmartDrape™, take charge of your window coverings effortlessly. Transition from sheer to solid fabric with a simple twist of the wand, or open/close the vanes completely by sliding the wand just like you would for traditional vertical blinds. This award-winning design is certified “Best for Kids,” eliminating pull cords that pose risks to young children and pets. Designed for low maintenance and easy operation, SmartDrape™ is a practical, family-friendly solution exuding sophistication and style.

Great for Patio Doors & Windows

Break down the barriers between indoors and outdoors with SmartDrape™. Its unique vane construction allows you to walk through the shade. This can be done whether opened or closed. Making it ideal for patio doors, extra-wide windows, or any window or door in your home. Rediscover the joy of using your outdoor spaces without compromising on style.

Window coverings you can walk through

Features & Benefits of SmartDrape™

SmartDrape™ stands out with its award-winning design, offering a myriad of innovative features. Choose from a diverse range of textures and on-trend colors to enhance your living experience. Embrace sheer innovation and transform your space with SmartDrape™.

  • Machine Washable: Simply remove the slats from the headrail, place in a garmet bag, and toss them in the washing machine.
  • Easy Operation:  WIth a simple twist of the wand you can go from sheer to solid fabric.  Or slide the wand across the shade and have the vanes open all the way.
  • Walk Through vanes:  Each vane is independent and not attached to the next, which allows easy access throught the shade at any point.
  • Poetry of Moving Light:  Each individual light filtering or room darkening vane is suspended in a sheer fabric. This construction gives it a floating effect.
  • Wide Window/Door Solution: Combine 2 shades for extra long windows/doors or opt for one shade that is capable of covering up to a 12 foot opening.

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This entry was published on March 13, 2024.

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