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Insulating Window Treatments for those HOT summer months in Utah

There are several ways to save money and resources by updating the window openings in your home. Installing the latest energy efficient windows is one the best options to help cool your home. However that isn’t always the most cost effective way. Energy efficient window coverings are an easy and budget friendly way to give your air conditioning unit and wallet a break. Here’s a list of some of our favorite ways to keep it cool in your home during the summer heat.

Energy Efficient SHADES:

Shades are a great option for reducing the amount of heat coming into your home.  Cellular shades, as well as Roman and Roller shades, come in many different degrees of light filtering fabrics.  Cellular shades trap air in their honeycomb cells consisting of two or more folded pieces of fabric. Making cellular shades the most energy efficient shade.  Cellular shades are one of the few products that qualify for the $1200.00 Federal Tax Credit program. CLICK HERE to read our block on the Tax Credit. Roman shades and roller shades come in different options as well that can help reduce the heat. Choosing a white fabric or a fabric that is backed with a white fabric will enable the shade to reflect more of the sun’s rays. For any of these options, be sure the shades are installed as close to the window as possible. Our custom made shades are designed to fit tight in the frame, giving you the best protection.  Doing this will help trap that hot air, creating an insulating air pocket, and help to keep things cooler.

Energy Efficient SHUTTERS:

Another great option is shutters.  Shutters add curb appeal and value to your home but are also effective at blocking out unwanted light and heat.  Choosing a white or light colored shutter will definitely help reflect the hot sun when closed. Shutters with wider louvers also have fewer louvers. With fewer gaps where louvers meet, there is less air transfer, making larger louver sizes more energy efficient. Larger louver sizes also increase the unobstructed view when open, and when closed increase the room darkening ability.

Energy Efficient BLINDS:

Similar to shutters, blinds can also keep out the heat.  Going with blinds that have a more reflective surface when they are closed will help you get the most heat reduction.  Similar to shutters, the wider the slats the better at helping to cut back on the light and heat coming in. Choosing white or off-white blinds will also increase your energy savings



Finding an energy-efficient window covering that will keep your home cool as well as match your style doesn’t have to be difficult.  CLICK HERE To Schedule Your FREE In-Home Consultation with our design experts and get coverings that are sure to be efficient and installed properly.


This entry was published on August 21, 2020.

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