Side by side comparison of 1 panel versus 2 panel shutters on a window

Shutter Panel Configuration

When considering shutters for your home, one thing that is often overlooked is the number and placement of shutter panels.  One panel shutters can be used for windows with widths smaller than 36″.  Two or more panels are typically used for window widths  larger than 36″ or for windows with obstructions like kitchen faucets or furniture.  The placement of hinges on either the left or right side of the panels will also play an important part of how shutters function.

One Panel

Here is an example of when a one panel shutter might function better than a two panel shutter. The kitchen faucet in this picture may tend to impede the panels from fully opening. One panel shutter configurations also give less visual obstructions and avoids the extra 4″ to 5″ of extra panel rails that are present in the middle of the window.

One panel Layout


Two Panels

Unlike the previous picture, these windows are located above the kitchen sink allowing a two panel design. Why use two panels? It is simply a requirement on windows over 36″ to prevent sagging of louvers and panels. Some people simply prefer the look of two panels. Also, two panels are a practical option if regular access to the window is required or to avoid an oversized panel from swinging into the room.

Two Panel layout

Multiple Panels With T-posts

Larger windows require the use of multiple paneled shutters and t-posts are the most secure way to arrange these shutters. T-post consist of an inconspicuous support frame that is typically located over your windows mullions or where two pieces of glass meet. As seen in the pictures below, t-posts do not allow the shutters to be opened completely off of the windows.

4 panel shutters using Tposts

4 panel shutters using Tposts

Multiple Bifold Panels

Bifold shutters are installed by hanging several panels together, much like traditional bifold closets work. Bifolds are a great option if having an unobstructed view is important. Weight and specific size restrictions can affect which windows and panel configurations work on larger windows. Bifold shutters are notorious for being less stable and sag slightly when in the open position.

4 panel bifold shutters

Whether you decide on one, two or more panels we have the shutter solution for any window.  Contact us now to schedule a FREE in-home consultation.  Our consultants would love to design a shutter that will both look and function just perfectly for your home.

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This entry was published on October 2, 2020.

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