Traditional Tilt Rod vs Hidden Tilt Shutters

One of the first decisions you will make when choosing custom plantation shutters is what type of tilt mechanism you will want.  There are two options to choose from – Traditional tilt or hidden tilt rods.

The tilt rod plays a pretty significant roll on the shutters.  It is the tilt rod that allows you to control the angle that the louvers go, which adjusts the light and privacy levels in your room.

The tilt rod you decide to go with can change the aesthetic design of the room.  If you’re going for more of a traditional look then usually you would opt for a traditional tilt rod, where as a more contemporary home would be more likely to opt for the hidden tilt mechanism.

Shutters with Traditional Tilt Rods

traditional tilt rod

Shutters that have the rods installed on the front and run down the middle of the panel are called traditional.  The tilt rod allows you to adjust the angle of the louvers.  Traditional tilt rod shutters have been the most popular in years past, partly because just until recently they were the only option.  But the gap between traditional and hidden tilt is decreasing, they are still a great option for homes that are on the simple and traditional style.


  1. If you prefer more of a “vintage” look or even just a classic look these are the obvious choice.
  2. Shutters with the traditional tilt rods are simple to operate.
  3. Traditional tilt rods are what gives the plantation shutter its loved look for a lot of people.


  1. The traditional tilt rods visually distract, which some homeowners don’t like.
  2. They give your window another vertical line, which for some is not aestheically pleasing.
  3. Some people may think of the traditional tilt rod as a way to open the shutters up all the way, which can cause them to break more easily.

Shutters with Hidden Tilt Rods

hidden tilt

For most companies that offer hidden tilt, the rods are built inside behind the louvers so are are less conspicuous.  There is still a rod that is visible closest to the glass of your window but it doesn’t run down the middle of the entire shutter.  The main manufacturer that we use, here at Blind Spot, offers hidden tilt that is actually built into the inside of the shutter so there are no extra vertical lines.

With the popularity of more modern and contemporary styles this type of rod is becoming more popular in recent years.  It add the beauty and value of a shutter, as well as offers unobstucted views and look clean.


  1. With the aesthetically pleasing clean crisp lines of the hidden tilt makes them look amazing in a contempory home.  They are great options for homeowners who are looking to make their homes decor more on the modern end of design.
  2. Without the added vertical lines they provide an unobstructed view and allow more light to enter the room.


  1. While the hidden tilt rods look exquisite in modern homes, they may look out of place in a home that is styled on a more vintage/traditional way.
  2. Sometimes hidden tilt options add to the cost of the shutter.  And if something break internally on the hidden tilt parts you will have to have the entire panel replaced.

Which tilt option is right for me?

Both traditional and hidden tilt options are great, but ultimately the choice comes down to personal preference.  When making this decision be sure to style, functionality, privacy, cost and light control in your decision.

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This entry was published on February 15, 2023.

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