room darkening rollershades with black top treatment in a bedroom

Utah’s Choice for Room Darkening Roller Shades: A Guide to Light Control and Privacy

Upgrading your living space with the right window treatments goes beyond just looks. It’s about enhancing the functionality, privacy and light control within a room. Room Darkening roller shades are a trendy and practical choice here in Utah.  At Blind Spot we offer a variety of patterns, textures, and colors. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the features of these shades and introduce a solution to tackle the common issue of light gaps – LightGuard 360™

Diverse Choices for Your Style:

Room darkening roller shades provide a range of fabric options. Whether you prefer subtle patterns, or a specific color palette, we have a fabric selection that will complement any interior style. Room Darkening fabrics are coated to prevent any light from seeping through the fabric itself. One important feature to keep in mind when using room darkening fabrics is that the back of the fabrics are white. Which will show from the exterior of the home as white.

Overcoming Light Gaps (Room Darkening Not BlackOut):

gray room darkening rollershades with black top treatment in a bedroom

Despite the effectiveness of room darkening fabrics, roller shades can pose a challenge due to the light gaps on the sides. These gaps occur because the shade fabric doesn’t sit flush against the window frame.  This can compromise the room darkening effect. A typical light gap can be anywhere from 1/2″ to 1″. This gap is particularly noticeable as a “Halo” look around the shade during the day. To address this issue, we recommend adding side rails or choosing the Lightguard 360 system.

Adding on Side Rails:

Side rails are designed to conceal those inherent light gaps on the sides and enhance the performance of room darkening roller shades. By adding the side rails it helps minimize the amount of light that can seep through. Side rails are permanently attached to sides of the windows and are visible with the shade in the raised position.

For Ultimate Blackout: Norman LightGuard 360™

blackout shades with the lightguard360 in a bedroom

For those seeking a true blackout experience, Norman’s LightGuard 360™ takes light control to the next level. This advanced system includes channeled side and bottom rails, along with an integrated upper housing, offering the most effective blackout solution available. Bid farewell to unwanted light and indulge in near total darkness for a truly relaxing environment.


Investing in Room Darkening roller shades grants you control over natural light and privacy. With Norman LightGuard 360™ system, you can maximize the effectiveness of your room darkening shades and create a genuine blackout experience.

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This entry was published on March 19, 2024.

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