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Zebra Shades, Banded Shades, Dual Shades

What are Zebra Shades – Banded Shades?Banded shades in a bathroom

If you’re torn between roller shades and horizontal blinds then Dual shades, or Zebra shades, are a trending modern alternative.  Zebra shades consist of a two layer deep fabric system of  banded horizontal opaque and sheer fabrics that alternate.  You can adjust the amount of light by overlapping the opaque stripes to allow light to filter in through the sheer fabric bands. When you’re ready for more privacy and light control, adjust the shades so the opaque stripes are offset. Zebra shades add a distinct and unique style to any room with their innovative and modern look.

How do Zebra Shades work?

Close up of a banded roller shade

Traditional roller shades have one layer of fabric that rolls around the top tube or bar.  Dual shades in contrast are a continuous loop of fabric with 3″ to 6″ strips of alternating sheer and opaque fabrics.  These alternating stripes give the ability to easily control light and privacy in your space.  They transition in seconds.  Adjusting the opaque stripes to be overlapping will allow light to filter in through the sheer fabric stripes.  Offsetting the opaque strips will create more privacy and room darkening experience.  Additionally, for maximum light the shades can be rolled off of the window entirely just like a traditional roller shade.

Benefits of Zebra Shades

  • Provide both Privacy and Light Filtering

Banded, or Zebra shades offer both privacy protection and light filtering in one roller shade.  The sheer stripes allow for you to see outside.  They also provide glare reduction and UV protection.  The opaque stripes provide room darkening or light filtering effects depending on the type of fabric you choose. Making them perfect for movie nights, sleeping in, or any time you just need privacy.  When the shear fabric strips are overlapping they perform like slightly tilted blinds and shutters giving light, view and privacy during the daylight hours.

lightfiltering banded shades closed for privacy in dining area

  • Can Transition into Room Darkening

As previously mentioned, the alternating stripes allow you to transition from light to dark in an instant.  Since they come in a variety of colors and fabrics you can opt for a room darkening fabric.  This gives you the benefits of room darkening shades without the all or nothing dilemma of room darkening roller shades.

  • Energy Efficient

Installing dual shades in your home can save money on your monthly electricity bill.  During the summer months these shades will help keep the heat and damaging UV rays out. In addition, they will help keep cold out during the winter.

  • Control Options

When windows are easily accessible, cordless control options offer a simple and reliable operation. For windows that are out of reach or if you simply want to enjoy the simplicity and ease of modern technology, opt for motorization. You can easily set schedules, use your phone as a remote, or even ask Alexa to open your family room shades. Continuous cord controls are also an option for windows that are partially inaccessible.

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