Norman Roller Shade Light Filtering

Considerations When Buying Roller Shades

Here are a few options and questions that will be considered when buying roller shades.  Having the opportunity to consider these options prior to your design consultation will help you confidently make selections for shades that are sure to look beautiful and function properly for years to come.

Light Filtering, Room Darkening or Solar Screen?

  • Light Filtering: Light Filtering fabrics are perfect for main living areas where you want to reduce the heat and intensity of direct sun beating on your furniture and floors, while still providing privacy from the outside world. Since they filter light, rooms stay bright and airy.

Light Filtering Roller Shades in Dining Room

  • Room Darkening: Room Darkening shades are ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, and media rooms where controlling light is essential for a better night’s rest or helping with screen visibility. No light will pass through the shade fabric itself. We avoid the word blackout as the shades will have gaps around the edges and will not provide a true blackout experience. If this is required, we have other solutions that will better meet your needs.

Room Darkening Roller Shades

  • Solar Screen: Solar Screen fabrics offer UV protection and reduce glare while still helping preserve outside views. Perfect for commercial spaces and open areas where night time privacy is not needed. The solar shade openness factor refers to the measure of how much light can pass through the shade material, typically expressed as a percentage. A higher openness factor indicates greater transparency and more light transmission, while a lower factor means more light blocking and less visibility through the shade.

Solar shade fabric openess factors, 1%, 3%, 5%, 10%

Solar Shades in Park City

Light Gaps: An Inherent Characteristic of Roller Shades

  • Roller shades will have light gaps on the top, bottom, and sides due to their design. Light gaps will be most noticeable when choosing a Room Darkening Fabric due to the contrast of light and dark.
  • For a truly room darkening experience, consider adding light-blocking features such as top treatments and side channels. Check out our most effective black out solutions by clicking here (Norman LightGuard 360).

Top Treatments: With or Without?

  • With: Top Treatments add a decorative touch that enhances the overall look of your roller shades. We have a selection of fabric, metal and wood top treatments from contemporary to traditional.

Roller Shade Fabric Wraped Valance

Roller Shade Cassette

Roller Shade Fascia

  • Without: Roller shades without top treatments are more budget friendly and create a sleek, minimalist appearance that’s ideal for modern interiors. Visible mounting brackets and larger gaps occur when selecting shades without a top treatment. 

Roller Shade without top treatment

Control Options: Cordless, Chain, Motorized, Powerwand

  • Cordless: A sleek option that is designed for simplicity. This child safe option is easy to raise or lower to any desired height.

Roller Shade with Cordless Control

  • Continuous Chain: Traditional and offers smooth, easy operation. Comes standard on all Roller Shades and in your choice of metal or plastic.

Roller Shade with Continuous Cord Conrtol

  • Motorization: The most convenient of all the options. They Operate effortlessly with remote control and smart home integration. Useful for all windows, especially those that are hard to reach. We offer motorization systems that do not require the use of ladders to recharge high windows.

Mortorized Roller Shade with Remote Control

  • Powerwand: This is a more cost effective motorized option that’s ideal for difficult to reach windows such as kitchen windows.Simply push the up or down buttons located on the shade’s control wand and walk away. 

Powerwand Controled Roller Shades

Why Buy Roller Shades?

  • Available in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and textures to suit your décor.
  • Sleek and compact design gives you a full view of your window when the roller shades are fully open.
  • Light filtering and Room darkening shades offer excellent privacy, making them perfect for homes.
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Light Filtering Roller Shades In Bathroom by Tub

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