blinds shades and shutters

Window Covering Battle: Blinds, Shades, or Shutters?

They say that windows are the eyes to the house.  So would that make window coverings the sunglasses?  Or maybe they could be the eyelashes.  Eith...

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Cordless Faux Wood blinds

Why You Should Add Cordless Blinds to Your Home

Cordless Blinds?! No way! When you think about blinds, chances are you think of the standard blinds that require a cord to raise and lower and to adj...

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Areas we serve

Areas we serve

Looking for a TRUSTED company that offers CUSTOM fit blinds, shades, and shutters is easier than you think.  Blind Spot is a local, family owned comp...

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Cleaning Tips for Blinds & Shades

With spring right around the corner - you may be realizing that your blinds could use a little TLC.  Window treatments need occasional maintenance to...

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Adjusting with slats up to let light in

Adjusting Blinds to Fit your Needs

IS IT BEST TO ADJUST YOUR BLINDS WITH THE SLATS FACING UP OR DOWN? Blinds are not just a simple way to finish off the design in your home, ...

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Understanding Common Used Shutter Terms

There are terms and special languages associated with every industry out there.  At times these terms can be very confusing to those who are not part...

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Cellular shades vs Roller shades

How do you chose between Cellular shades and Roller shades in your home?  When it comes to window coverings there are a lot of options and it can som...

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Notes From Our Customers

We originally had Blind Spot install our plantation shutters on the main floor or our home 7 years ago. The price was the best we found, plus they...

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composite shutters utah

Why We Like Composite Shutters

#1 Composite Shutter’s Have the Best Warranty Blind Spot’s composite shutters come with a life time warranty, while most painted wood shutters ...

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Vinyl Shutters in Utah

Vinyl Shutters

What we love about vinyl shutters. First of all, these shutters are almost indestructible. If you have ever wanted shutters but worried your active ki...

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